Babysafe Capsule Hire Cleaning Process

As part of our commitment to providing the best service, at BabySafe Capsule Hire you can be sure that the strict cleaning process ensures you will be receiving a capsule complete with fresh fabrics, bases and straps compliant with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754. 

All our capsules are most recent models and are all less than 3 years old. 

With our stringent quality control each capsule is checked for any stress marks before each new hire. 

The fabric cleaning process is: 

1. Strip fabrics 

All the fabrics are completely removed from the shell of the capsule aswell as the harnesses

2. Spray with disinfectant  

This is to lift any stains and dirt off the fabrics prior to soaking to ensure the fabrics and harnesses are thoroughly cleaned

3. Soak in cleaning agent 

The agent we use kills 99.9% of germs that may be on the harness and fabrics themselves to ensure a professional clean

4. Machine wash (fabrics)

The fabrics all go through a specially designed cleaning program on the machine wash to ensure no damage to the fabrics whilst maintaining the highest level of clean

5. Drying process 

Fabrics are then moved to the drying process where they run on a specific drying cycle in the machine first with the fabrics that require turning inside out halfway through the drying cycle are also tended to, followed by the drying rack to ensure the fabrics hold their shape aswell as are completely free of moisture

The harnesses move from the soaking and rinsing process to the drying rack to allow to dry thoroughly

6. Lint roll 

For any fabrics that require a final lint roll for any fibres from the cleaning process will have this process done to ensure the fabrics are at professional standards ready for the next use

7. Re fit trims 

The Base and hardware cleaning process is: 

1. Sprayed with disinfectant

Base and hardware (capsule shell) is assessed for any stress marks and then sprayed with disinfectant to ensure the germs are all killed.

2. Washed down

The hardware is then washed with specific cleaning agent to ensure the cleanliness of the hardware is complete

3. Drying process

The capsules are then dried on the rack ready for kitting up



We rotate fabrics with prepared trim sets upon each hire to ensure our cleaning and quality is not compromised as well as ensuring fast turnaround periods on our products. 

As an RMS fitting station, our fitters will process each capsule individually and are trained to recognise any signs the capsule has been misused, in an accident or non genuine parts have been returned or replaced during a hire. These capsules do not make it back on the hire shelf unless it has been quality controlled by an RMS fitter.